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I Speak to the Earth: Release Prosperity

For the Prayer


What if you could speak to the Earth beneath your feet and command it to release “Prosperity?”What if you discovered an ancient mystery concerning the Earth that can unlock God given destiny: What would you do?What if you could be restored to the place of Dominion that God gave Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden: What would you do?What if I can show you how to overthrow every form of witchcraft or diabolical agenda against you…by unlocking the incredible power of an ancient biblical mystery: Would you jump on it?What if I can show you a proven spiritual prescription for “Healing the Land:” Would you take it?"ISPEAK TO THE EARTH: RELEASE PROSPERITY"CONTAINS BIBLICALLY BASED ANSWERS TO ALL OF THE ABOVE QUESTIONS.ITS THE BOOK YOU CANNOT AFFORD TO NOT HAVE IN YOUR LIBRARY.Why do I need to speak to the Earth?God created mankind and gave them dominion in the Earth which included the Earth’s soil, solar system and all its natural resources. When man fell, all of creation and Earth fell with them and since then, the Earth and its resources does not easily bring itself under man’s authority. In this epic book, Dr. Francis Myles will show you how to speak to the Earth to cause it to obey and yield what is needed in your life.In this life changing book, you will discover how to use your God-given mandate and mantle over planet Earth to:Overthrow the spirit of witchcraft;Bring forth prosperity;Heal the land from generations of spiritual defilement;Cause the Earth to swallow demonic ploys and diabolical assignments against you and;Break lingering curses and Satan’s foothold over any piece of land.