About Marketplace Bible

About the Marketplace Bible Digital Platform

“Eyes that look are common, but eyes that SEE are rare!” Myles Munroe

Vision Statement
The vision of Marketplace Bible International is to help millions of people “apply timeless biblical principles to today’s marketplace!” This vision is the guiding philosophy of everything our company does

Mission Statement
The mission of Marketplace Bible International is to instigate a global bible reading revolution by showing the present day relevance of the Bible to “every day marketplace concepts and challenges” that ordinary people contend with each day, in the daily grind of making a living in the marketplace.

At Marketplace Bible International, we believe that God's WORD is still the key to transforming lives and nations. This is why we are committed to providing an excellent digital Bible platform, marketplace relevant biblical topics and resources that are accessible through the “Marketplace Bible” App.

Digital Platform
We have worked very hard to make our digital bible platform and software one of a kind.  Our bible App also acts as a powerful research tool for students of the Word of God. MBI is equally dedicated to providing a user-friendly experience through  beautifully-designed interface and end-user communication tools that are embedded into our digital platform. Currently the Marketplace Bible App is available across all major platforms, including Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android, with Windows Desktop and Kindle Fire to follow shortly.

First and foremost, we are the world’s first “Marketplace” Bible app! This means that our primary objective is to offer God's Word based upon culturally relevant marketplace topics that millions of people with careers, businesses and aspirations in the Marketplace can find very engaging. We are working on translating the Marketplace Bible in numerous translations and languages, including Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, French, and Zulu! We also offer Bible study resources, such as commentaries, devotionals, bible artifacts and eBooks.
We couldn't do this without our partnerships with publishers, authors and ministries. Our library is always growing to include more titles as we add on more authors and publishers. We believe you can always life changing resources to inspire you in your marketplace aspirations, as well as help you to growth spiritually by simply visiting our store, whether in the app or online at marketplacebible.com.

Company Profile

Marketplace Bible International is a public benefit corporation based in the USA with international offices in South Africa and Mauritius. Our founder, Dr. Francis Myles, is a sought after global conference speaker in both business and ministerial conferences, where he saw firsthand the frustration on the faces of many marketplace Christians concerning the lack of a bible focused on today’s relevant marketplace topics. Our name comes from a special moment of divine inspiration that our founder had with the LORD. Currently Bishop Tudor Bismarck serves as the Global ambassador of the “Marketplace Bible.”

Join the Revolution

We invite you to join us in taking Christ and His kingdom into the marketplace. We would love to hear from you! Give us your feedback—whether it's what you are learning in your personal faith walk, or how our biblically based marketplace articles are impacting your life, business or career. Our company has partnered with intercessors who can pray over your needs, should you choose to share your prayer requests with us on any one of our social media platforms. We use our blog and social media platforms to connect with our subscribers and to send you notifications about our Marketplace Inspirational Video of the week. God created you for “community” so Join our MBI family!

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